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Hi, I'm Cassie! I've been interested in makeup and fashion ever since I was a kid. My mom claims that I started picking out my own outfits at just a few years old, and nowadays that's shifted into a love for the beauty and fashion industry. Checking out new product releases, testing lipstick shades, and staying on top of fashion trends are some of my favorite activities — and writing topics.

In addition to that, I'm constantly in tune with culture, entertainment, media, and food news. I love discussing delicious meals I've devoured, books I can't put down, or shows that I binge-watched in a week. By sticking around the site, you'll get a unique combination of beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and culture — all accompanied by my own photography.

As an aspiring writer and editor, I strive to create the best possible content for this site. Feel free to comment, give the site some social media love, or scroll way back to the beginning to give yourself an esteem boost. Overall, I hope you find something inspiring here!

For more of my writing and editorial work, check out UW-Madison's newspaper, The Daily Cardinal, or the student-run publication, Moda Magazine.

I'd love to hear from you! Email me at churwitz23@gmail.com, or follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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