Lazy Roundup: Ten Old Blush and Fairy Dust Articles to Read

May 1, 2017

Lazy Roundup: Ten Old Blush and Fairy Dust Articles to Read

Blush and Fairy Dust has been around since 2013. It's changed immensely since then (for the better), but there are still a few gems buried in the archives. Seeing as it is finals week and I'm a bit swamped with schoolwork, I thought it would be fun to gather up a handful of my favorite old articles and share them. They're a bit rusty around the edges, but they all make a good point. Some are even relevant for the upcoming summer months!

How I Style: Quirky Socks

A lookbook-esque article dedicated to my ever-growing collection of odd, patterned socks. I think I'm due for an updated one soon. I like to buy socks, a lot.

Three Healthy Breakfast Ideas

There's a one-minute, five-minute, and ten-minute option to choose from. Each one is healthy, filling, and great for summer mornings. I still use the same recipes to this day.

Summer Fashion Bucketlist

This highlights a few of 2016's trends, but I think they're still usable for the upcoming months. A flowy dress, comfy romper, and cute overalls are all on the list, in addition to lots of dainty jewelry. I still wear most of these pieces during the warm months.

The Next Chapter

A short personal essay on my thoughts upon leaving for college a few years ago. You might find a few sentiments to relate to, or might enjoy seeing how my writing style has evolved.

Nuts for Coconut

Coconut is one of my favorite scents, therefore I dedicated an entire to post to my favorite coconut-scented products. I still love and use most of them, especially the Orchid & Coconut body wash.

Going Foundation-Free

A popular read, this article chronicles my decision to stop wearing foundation and focus more on improving the appearance of my skin through other products. I still do this every day and am really happy with my progress.

Top 10 Under $10

If you're looking for any bargain buys, look no further than these inexpensive products. I've successfully used all of them for years, and like some of them better than my luxury pieces.

Getting the Glow For Spring

Dewy, highlighted skin is still all the rage - so find the best way to achieve this gorgeous skin in just a few easy steps. This is generally still my day-to-day routine, with a few different products.

DIY Headbands

This is a serious oldie, but it's kind of funny and cute to see my old writing and photo style. I actually still wear these headbands, which is a testament to how well this DIY actually works!

Picture Day Makeup

Finally, this is a good 'no makeup makeup' or natural-looking tutorial. I used it for my last high school yearbook photo, and am pretty happy with the actual outcome. I'd recommend using it for any portrait shots.

What have you been reading recently?
Do you look back on any of your old writing?

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