Finding Summer Confidence With Sunglasses

May 25, 2017

Photo courtesy of Warby Parker
Photo courtesy of Warby Parker  
Photo courtesy of Warby Parker
Sunglasses can be tricky. I found my perfect pair a few years ago. They were a beautiful brown tortoiseshell, shaped ideally for my face, and not too tight or too loose. Wearing that pair made me feel invincible and like a high-fashion model. Then, disaster struck. As a very uncareful teenager, I unceremoniously threw the pair into my purse, and upon removing them afterward, they were broken. In all honesty, I have not fully healed from this casualty. 

However, I have learned to move on. There are, after all, plenty of fish in the sea. The question that remains is: how do I find my next perfect pair? That's where Warby Parker comes in. A brand that is known for their Home Try-On specialty, Warby Parker offers this option with both eyeglasses and sunglasses. Order five pairs, try them on at home for free, and purchase the pair that suits you best. All from the comfort of your couch.

Obviously, this is a win-win situation. And, Warby Parker has just released their fun, 60s-inspired summer sunglasses collection, all of which are perfectly on-trend for the upcoming season. I picked five faves that I found, each of which seem bold enough to give me sky-high confidence.

Clementine Sunglasses

Coming in Espresso Tortoise and Coral, these retro, cat-eye-inspired sunnies are perfect for those with softer, less angled face shapes. I love how the top of the circle is thicker than the rest, making a regular shape much more interesting. While the coral pair is a wildcard, they would look adorable with an embroidered denim skirt and lace top. The tortoise pair is the perfect addition to a rocker-esque outfit of a band tee and ripped jeans. 

Raglan Sunglasses

I've never worn a white pair of sunglasses before, but these seem like the perfect pair to start with. Suitable for any face shape, this pair could look polished with a sweet floral sundress or trendy-cool with an all-white ensemble. Monochromatic outfits are always a great look, but wearing summer-appropriate white is an easier way to pull off the style in the warm months.

One of my favorite sunglasses styles is the wayfarer shape that has become so classicly cool. Warby Parker has done a spectacular job turning the simple style into a new trend with the unique hickory shade. Once again a style that looks fantastic with any face shape, I could see this pair styled similarly to the Clementine tortoise shade. The red tones complement black jeans and a punky tee, but could also match a combination of white shorts and a striped tee. 

Piper Sunglasses

You probably know by now that millennial pink is the biggest thing since sliced bread, so it's only fair that the color has reached sunglasses. I'm a big fan of how soft and light this version is, instead of the overly bright or neon option. That makes this pair much easier to style and nearly universally wearable. Throw them on with a pair of white jeans and a floral top, or with boyfriend jeans, stilettos, and a lacy top. The possibilities are endless. 

Nancy Sunglasses 

Finally, this pair comes in a punchy coral-red that looks fantastic with that striped jumpsuit you've been dying to wear, or with a daring denim-on-denim combination that will make you look like a superstar. The unique, semi-cat-eye/semi-square shape is nice for oval and heart-shaped faces, but can truly look great on anyone with the right level of confidence. 

Whatever your style, Warby Parker is a great place to look for sunglasses. If you're not a fan of the above options, they have plenty more to choose from (browse them here)! 

The right pair of sunglasses can open the door to a new level of confidence you never knew you had. Putting that pair on makes you feel like the best you - it's like finding the perfect brow shape or lipstick color. I think everyone should experience that confidence, and trying a new pair of sunglasses is the gateway to finding it. 


What are your favorite sunglasses for summer?

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  1. Ahh I need new sunglasses so this post came at the perfect time - I lost my Ray Ban clubmasters while moving. The Piper sunglasses are so cute!

    xo Deborah
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