Review: Glossier Stretch Concealer + 20 Percent Off

March 6, 2017

Review: Glossier Stretch Concealer

Review: Glossier Stretch Concealer 
Since the initial release of Into the Gloss' beauty line, Glossier, I've wanted to get my hands on the entire collection. Aimed at solving real, day-to-day skin issues, Glossier promotes natural-looking products and an emphasis on skincare. After I stopped wearing foundation (read: Going Foundation-Free), I've been trying to incorporate more skincare into my makeup routine as a way to create gorgeous skin organically, not through covering up with makeup. Glossier always seemed like the perfect brand to use, however I stalled trying out their products due to an irrational fear of online shopping. I now finally bit the bullet and ordered the Glossier Stretch Concealer.

I will, firstly, add a disclaimer that my skin has been rather aggravated recently, and I have very stubborn dark circles. I typically need a heavy duty, color correcting concealer for my under eyes.

My immediate first impression was that the concealer was very smooth and creamy (my actual first impression was that the packaging was adorable, but that's less important). Because it comes in a small jar, the formula is in between liquid and solid. Cream formulas are something I don't have much practice with, considering I typically use liquid concealers. But because the product is situated in a pot, that means it will last longer and a little goes a long way.

I tried using this on my spots, redness, and areas of hyper pigmentation first. The concealer felt very smooth on my skin, and blended easily into the areas I used it. I found that for spots, it worked best when I dabbed it on in light layers, and built it up to create more coverage. What I loved most about using it this way is that it didn't sink into dry areas of my skin - especially the dry patches of redness around the sides of my nose.

After using this on my under eyes I was slightly disappointed, but I believe this is just a side effect of having genetically induced dark circles. It wasn't a complete disappointment; the concealer simply didn't cover everything fully. For this usage, I think it would be better if I spent more time layering up, or even dabbed on thicker layers as I went. However, I did find that as I went through the day, the concealer seemed to melt into my face and look even more natural and skin-like than it already did. Because of this element, my dark circles started looking better and better throughout the day. Another benefit is that the concealer didn't sink into the fine lines around my eyes, giving a more youthful effect.

The huge bonus for this concealer is the ability to look like skin. After sitting on your face it begins to mesh perfectly with your skin, leaving you looking like an airbrushed movie star. Additionally, because the formula is creamy, I expected the concealer to slide off my skin after just a few hours and leave me feeling bare. However, it stuck to my face and hung around for as long as I needed it to.

Lastly, I just have to mention how cute the packaging is. The inside of the box the product was shipped in was bright pink, and the product itself came in a pink bubble wrap bag. There was an additional page of Glossier stickers and a poster with the Glossier logo. The packaging of the concealer is very simple and sophisticated, yet fun at the same time.

Overall, I'm pleased that I decided to buy this product, and am interested to see how it performs differently throughout the changing weather. I will definitely continue to buy Glossier products (I have my eyes on the newly released Cloud Paint!).

If you're a Glossier newbie and want 20 percent off your first purchase, make sure to shop here!


Have you tried the stretch concealer?
What is your favorite Glossier product?


  1. I've been wanting to try Glossier for so long!!

    1. Go for it! So far their products are amazing.

  2. Their concealer looks and sounds amazing! I really love their packaging too, hehe! I've been wanting to try Glossier for the longest time but I still haven't gotten around to it yet!

    xo, Chloe //

    1. Definitely try something! All of their products look gorgeous and are reasonably priced for the quality.

  3. I recently got into Glossier products (LOVE Boy Brow - it changed my life!) so I think the next time I stock up, I'll pick up this concealer, it sounds amazing! (I'm not a big foundation person either).

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

    1. I really want to try Boy Brow! I have pretty dark brows, so I think I would need the new clear version. I just love their products' ability to enhance your natural beauty.



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