Pinterest Inspiration #3

March 2, 2017

Surprisingly, blush pink has been a trend throughout my Pinterest for the last year. I thought it calmed down for a few months, but I'm back on the grind now. There's something about the shade that looks so pretty in home decor, clothing, makeup, and food. You'll probably notice a few other pins that are pink-themed in the four other collages. Just a warning. 

desk // lipstick // coffee // makeup + planner // blush + eyeshadow

Perfect flat lays are one of those blogger-induced dreams that most of us will probably never achieve. As much as I love looking at them, I know somehow the capability to create an Instagram-worthy flat lay will probably always evade me. Alas, I suppose I'm satisfied with scrolling through page after page of flawless, yet unrealistic layouts.

toast // banana pancakes // donut grid // pancake stack

There's something deliciously special about staring at plates of pretty food, even without eating it (no matter how much you want to take a bite). Drizzles of chocolate, stacks of sliced banana, and flurries of powdered sugar make basic toast or pancakes look insanely more appealing. Don't even get me started on how much I want a donut right now.

stripes + suede // stripes + cardi // stripes + shorts // striped shorts

I'm always a big supporter of black and white stripes, yet have somehow found myself pinning them an extra amount the past few weeks. I love the infinite possibilities of pairings, ability to be casual or polished, and seasonal adaptability. Basically, if anything, you must have at least one black and white striped t-shirt in your closet.

silent // stars // new beginnings // go for it // love

Words are the most powerful means of communication we have. I will never listen to anyone who says words are dying out to the slew of emojis, pictures, and videos that are taking over the internet. Words will always be the best way to say what we mean. I'm a sucker for cute motivational sayings, so I just can't resist a few (especially if they have pretty fonts).

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What are your favorite Pinterest trends?


  1. Loving all the blush tones!!

    xx Rebecca //

    1. They're my absolute favorite at the moment :)

  2. Glad you liked my Maybelline lipsticks shot, if you want to read a review check out my post. xoxo

    1. It's such a great shot! I love the print of the background you used. I will definitely check out your review :)

  3. I think bell sleeves are definitely the trend I'm loving right now! This is a great blogpost idea.

    1. Thank you! It's a fun way to re-inspire yourself.



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