February Beauty Box Five: The Kiss Kit

February 23, 2017

February Beauty Box Five | Review

February Beauty Box Five | Review

February Beauty Box Five | Review

February, the month of Valentine's Day, romance, and lipstick, has almost come to a close. But before we March on (get it?) there are a few more lip-related items that need some attention. The BB5 box this month was an incredible selection of five lip products guaranteed to create kissable lips. Each one specialized in a different area of lip-love, and I enjoyed playing around with all five.

Jean Pierre Cosmetics Lip Mask
This lip mask was a bit of an odd concept to me. It's a gel-like consistency in the shape of lips, and you stick it to your face for 15 minutes. The aim is to moisturize and hydrate dry lips. I felt rather silly sitting around with giant gel lips over mine, and it took a couple minutes to figure out how to actually use the product. But once the confusion was over, this was a fun treat for my dry, winter skin. It's also a perfect prep essential for smooth, kissable lips.

Tint Beauty Unicorn Lippie in Forever After
Liquid lipsticks have been all the rage recently, and I always love trying out new formulas. I'm a fan of both the color and consistency of this one, especially when paired with the matching lip liner. It lasted for about half the day before beginning to fade from eating and drinking. I would recommend reapplying some lip balm before you plan on reapplying the liquid lipstick, or else the lines on your lips will start to stand out. Other than that this was an adorable product: cute packaging, pretty pop of color, and nice formula.

Tint Beauty Unicorn Liner in Forever After
The matching lip liner was not very pigmented, but did help the liquid lipstick last longer. I didn't mind that the color of the liner didn't show up as well, because the lipstick itself was very pigmented. The shades of the two also coordinated very well, so that one didn't alter the color of the other. I think this liner would pair well with many other lipsticks as well, and would help the longevity of other formulas.

So Susan Colour Hybrid
The bright, fun shade of this stain immediately interested me. It's perfect for the spring and summer, which are hopefully approaching soon. On the lips, the color was saturated and bold; the stain aspect helped the shade to sink into the lips and stick around for quite a few hours. I found it fading after a while, mostly because my lips were getting a little dry. On the cheeks, I was a little worried about the color being too bright, but it looked just fine after blending it out. Be careful - you have to work fast or else it will dry quickly on your cheeks.

Style Essentials Lip Glow in Rose
Just as it claims, this crayon is perfect for a sheer, subtle, everyday sheen. It's easy to glide on the lips and even easier to toss in your purse or backpack to take along with you for the day. And because it's almost colorless, that makes it nearly impossible to tell when it's worn off, and makes it simple to reapply. Bonus: this has a sweet, delicious scent. I also played around with using this as a highlighter on my cheekbones. The consistency felt odd, but it gave a nice shine to my cheeks.

Be sure to check out all the goodies on BB5's new website, and order the box here!


What was your favorite lip product from this month?
Which subscription box are you interested in trying?


  1. This beauty box looks the perfect box for me! I'm OBSESSED with all kinds of lip products. Never heard some of these brands before, definitely need to check it out.

    xo, Chloe // http://funinthecloset.com/convenient-style-rompers/

    1. It's a great subscription box for checking out small and fairly unknown, yet still amazing brands!



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