The Stress Emergency Kit

January 19, 2017

As a college student juggling class, extracurriculars, relationships, and the transition into adulthood, I am no stranger to stressful times. That's why, upon my mom's suggestion that I create a "stress emergency kit", I decided to take action. I was further inspired by the "minimergency kit" that I've seen floating around in various styles at different stores. The value behind that kit is that one will never be left without certain essentials, such as floss, bobby pins, and deodorant. 

The stress kit is slightly different – more of a "break glass in case of emergency" type. It's stored away until that terrible week hits. You know the one: 5 important deadlines, battling the worst cold of your life, dealing with mother nature's monthly gift. Whatever it is, the stress emergency kit is here to help. The contents of the bag are, of course, adaptable, but here is my version.

Something snacky. I chose a chocolate bar, because I have a ridiculous sweet tooth. Popcorn, chips, or candy are all acceptable, as long as it's something slightly indulgent or unhealthy that you don't let yourself have as often. 

Something relaxing. I added a candle, the scent of which (Bath & Body Works Lavender Vanilla) I strongly recommend (I'd also recommend using a mini sized candle, but I did not have one on hand). This will calm your nerves and allow you to momentarily forget your stress.

Something distracting. Whether it's a book, magazine, or movie, find something that will take your mind off the stress. Some of my guilty pleasure favorites are Legally Blonde, Sixteen Candles, and the Harry Potter series – they never fail to make me smile. Another viable option for distraction is a small puzzle to toy with. I chose a Rubik's cube, because doing something with my hands helps to calm my brain. 

Something cozy. My pick is comfy socks, because I have a mild obsession with them. It was difficult to narrow down, but my favorites are: Urban Outfitters boot socks, Hot Sox cupcakesSock It To Me hedgehogs, and Hot Sox dogs. When you're feeling cozy, stress will melt away. 

Something rewarding. I threw in an extra $5, because hey, stress might be related to money problems. Seeing an extra few bucks to spend on coffee or mascara can help brighten up a bad day. Or, add an extra $5 to save for the future. 

Something mindful. It could be a journal to vent about all your frustrations (I love this one), a coloring book to give your head a break, or just scrap paper to doodle on. Whatever it is, find something that will put your mind at peace. 

Other possible options are tissues (for the stress tears), Excedrin or Advil (for the stress aches), or a mini bottle of wine (for when all else fails). 

What is your go-to stress reliever? 
What would you put in your stress emergency kit? 


  1. Hehe! I love your emergency stress kit, it looks exactly like mines, lol! :) I have a sweet tooth too so I definitely can't go without a chocolate bar or some type of candy. I always vent in my journal too. haha! :)

    xo, Chloe //

    1. Cadbury is life! I've tried other fancy chocolates but I always come back to good 'ol cadbury haha!

  2. Yes! This is such a cute (essential!) idea! :)

  3. Omg!! This is such a good idea!! I never thought of a stress kit!! I have a crazy sweet tooth too! But I usually eat pizza when I'm stressed haha! It helps me! Also, disconnecting from electronic devices helps me a lot. whether it's my laptop or phone:)



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