2017: A Look Forward

January 5, 2017

Looking forward to 2017: goals, resolutions, makeup

Looking forward to 2017: goals, resolutions, makeup

Welcome, 2017. Here's hoping you treat us better.

Every year I half-heartedly make a few resolutions, which end up being dismissed after no more than a few months (or weeks) of not really trying. They are never any different than your typical goals; I usually aim to eat better, exercise more, and overall be a better person. However, after many unsuccessful years, I've decided to give myself some slack. What would happen if I instead asked myself:

Where do I want to be in one year?

Rather than give myself ridiculously strict guidelines to follow, I want to set a few longterm goals. I won't monitor myself on each goal everyday, but I will try my best to slowly accomplish them throughout 2017. Ultimately, I hope to have completed these goals by the time the year has ended.

  1. Blog: increase visibility + stats, post twice a week, improve photography skills.
  2. Health: boost body confidence, create new workout routine.
  3. Career: develop a larger writing portfolio and more impressive resume.
  4. Finance: save more money, find ways to earn extra income.
  5. Relationships: learn to speak my mind and be more confident in my choices.  

While this idea may not be radically different than regular new years resolutions, I believe it is much more realistic than many other plans I have seen (or tried, for that matter). I hope this gives you a couple ideas for your 2017 goals. Be sure to check out my 2016 Favorites and follow my blog on Bloglovin' for posts every Monday and Thursday in 2017.

Where do you want to be in one year?

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  1. Great goals. I think posting twice a week is a great schedule. That's what I'm hitting at too this year.

    Love, Kerstin



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