2016: A Glance Back

December 26, 2016

2016 In Review/Favorites: Makeup, Moda Magazine, Skincare, Feminism

It is hard to even begin to synthesize everything that 2016 encompassed. Most people seem to be in agreement that it was a downright sh*tty year. I don't think that's wrong. However, I hope that the failures of 2016 will help us grow as a society in the years to come. I also hope we can realize that while this year had tragedy after tragedy, there were some moments of success. As a woman, I'm biased towards feminist victories: increased backlash towards sexual assault, as well as support of the victims, female representation on American currency, a “plus-sized” (ahem, average) model breaking boundaries, and further leadership by women, women of color, and transgender women.

But before I forget the main focus of this very blog, let's move into the less important (but much more fun) topic: makeup and fashion. Here are flash reviews of my nine favorite products from this year.

Tarte Tartelette In Bloom Palette
The most stunning, simple shades that can take you from a day of school or work to a fun night out. Seriously, these shadows will last all day. 
Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black
I cannot get enough of this addicting scent. The notes of vanilla & violet are perfect year-round, and the scent is just the right amount of strong & sweet.
Bite Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Honeycomb (original review)
After struggling for years to find the perfect nude lipstick, this provided a shining beacon of hope. The shade is just right: not too brown, not too pink, not too dead.
Yes to Blueberries Eye Firming Treatment 
This eye cream has made my skin pretty happy, especially now that winter is zapping all the moisture from my life. You could drop $50+ on a fancy eye cream, or save your money and be equally as happy with this.
Charming Charlie Dakota Rinestone Watch
This was a fun, seasonal purchase that ended up being one of my favorite fashion finds of the year. I love that the face is the same color as the band, and that it's a simple design.
Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Highlighter (original review)
I can honestly say that while I've wanted to buy other highlighters this year, this one has prevented me from doing so. It's just so beautiful, I could wear it every day and be happy.
Ban.do I Am Very Busy” Planner (original review)
Wow, this planner is making me excited for 2017 (I'm an organization weirdo, shh). The fun & girly design helps brighten up my day, and makes boring tasks seem a lot more interesting.
Urban Decay Naked Concealer
The choice to not wear foundation means I need a pretty serious concealer. This one covers well and helps me feel more confident in my skin. My only complaint is that I wish there were more shades to choose from.
Nadri Geo Necklace
Last, but certainly not least, is this simple, yet stunning necklace that looks chic paired with any outfit. I can't stop wearing it!

I have to brag about my personal achievements as well. I'm so proud to have found an organization within my university that has helped me declare a major, and in turn, helped me find myself. Moda Magazine is a UW-Madison student-run fashion & lifestyle publication that has given me the opportunity to expand my portfolio and improve my writing skills. I have to not only shamelessly promote the magazine (read the beautiful Fall Print Issue), but also promote myself (eek, sorry). Check out my favorite articles: In Defense of the Holiday BingeBeauty Basics for Winter Pampering, and CoverGuy: The Rise of Males in Beauty.

In addition to that self-promotion, I also want to include my 5 favorite blog posts that I've written this year. I'm very happy with the direction this site is headed in, and I can't wait to make more content in 2017. Check out: Valentine's Day MakeupPortland SnapsGoing Foundation-FreeAutumn Jackets & Shoes, and Finding the Good in the World.

So, when you are thinking back on 2016 as you (in the future, hopefully) watch the inauguration of America's first female president, read about another life-saving scientific breakthrough, or experience firsthand the destruction of racialized, classed, and gendered divisions, remember the good stuff. Planned Parenthood received endless donations, Leo won an Oscar, and hey, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. How's that for a positive?

What was your favorite moment of 2016?


  1. Aw I love the last little bit of this post, I hope 2017 is very good to you! I am so impressed with your blog too, keep up the amazing work gorgeous gal! x


    1. Thank you! I hope 2017 is good to you as well :)



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