Pinterest Inspiration #2

October 17, 2016

Pinterest: Comfy Coats

purple // camel // green

Wool coats have been all over my radar recently, especially on Pinterest. The camel ones are my favorite, so much so that I spent hours searching for the best (and most affordable) option to buy. As much as I love the colorful options, the beige seems like the most practical, especially for a slightly larger investment piece. Whichever way you go, however, these coats are the perfect mix of a trench coat and a peacoat to carry you from fall to winter.

Pinterest: Cozy Knits + Big Watches

b&w sweater // watch // gray sweater

As the temperature is beginning to drop, I've been falling for cozy, thick sweaters - even more so when they're paired with a leather watch. I don't know what it is, but something about the rolled up sleeves showing just the right amount of wrist is perfect. This is the best "roll out of bed, get ready in 5, head out the door" outfit. You'll still look polished, but will have gotten some extra z's.

Pinterest: Chic Nail Designs

glitter // colorful // blue + nude

I love these unique takes on regular nail polish, especially the styles that leave some of the nails blank. This is a great way to upgrade basic, one-shade nails into something that makes you look like you tried a lot harder than you did. In reality, all you need is a piece of tape to separate the sections you'll be painting different colors.

Pinterest: Cute Puppies

dryer puppy // pile o' pups // fence // bed puppy  

I am an avid dog lover, and my day becomes exponentially better when I see a picture of a puppy. This collage is basically pure happiness for me, and I just had to share the feeling with everyone else.

Pinterest: Unique Eye Makeup

pastel // dotted // blue & purple // gold & white /glitterfall 

Lastly, I have been finding plenty of gorgeous and creative eye makeup on Pinterest. I love the use of color in unconventional ways, in addition to the funky patterns and placement of the liner. I'm dying to try out the dotted version, but I also love the idea of gold streaks on the lower lash line.

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What are some of your recent inspirations?

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