Tips for Staying Organized + A Planner To Help You Do So

September 11, 2016

Anyone who has ever met me will understand that I have an obsession with organizing and planning. There's a large chance that it comes from my mother, who has kept a paper calendar for as long as I can remember, and feverishly crosses out each activity once completed. When I was younger I often made fun of this 'medieval' technique, but nowadays I love using a tangible, scribble-able planner.

For 2016 I used a pretty standard (and cheap) planner. But for this coming year, I wanted to step things up a bit. After several weeks of considering starting a bullet journal, I finally decided that it was too big of a feat and settled on searching for the perfect planner. I looked at probably every calendar ever made, and realized there was one I could not get my mind off of. has not only an amazing website that'll take you right back to the 90's, but also a selection of tons of adorable home goods that scream girl power. I fell in love with their "I am very busy" medium agenda (find the cover here and medium size here), as well as the fun-filled pages. The calendar comes with two pages of stickers, random suggestions of fun things to do each week, and a coloring page, not to mention a weekly layout that allows for perfect organization. The attached elastic band is helpful to ensure that it stays closed when you want it to.

As you can see, I like to color-code my agenda. I typically organize it by schoolwork, extracurriculars, fun activities, blog, and family. These are some of the most important categories in my life, and it really helps to highlight certain 'top of the list' events or tasks. Due dates, exams, and gatherings are all things that I like to highlight, because when I'm looking at a page they jump out at me as important.

Although I don't use bullet journaling, I like to use bullets for tasks, open circles for events, and dashes for small notes/reminders. I then draw a small 'x' through the bullet when I've completed it. That's the process used in bullet journaling, and I find it pretty effective for any agenda planning. If you're in school, I find it helpful to go through your syllabuses and write down important dates, or even all of your homework assignments in advance.

It may seem cumbersome, but try to carry your planner around with you to important places, or even just to school. That way you can write something down immediately, instead of forgetting about it.

Happy planning!

Do you use a planner?
What is your favorite way to organize your activities?

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