Fall 2016 Bucketlist

September 18, 2016

Fall is absolutely one of my favorite times of the year. I love Halloween, Thanksgiving, and more than anything, I love the fresh start I always have at the beginning of the new school year. My "big thing" this year was getting a shorter haircut. Long locks were always my thing, but they were literally and metaphorically weighing me down. Now I've got a nice shoulder-length do to carry me into this short season. In addition to this cut, I've got a laundry list of things to accomplish this Autumn, as I always do (2014, 2015). 

  1. Declare my major. As I'm now in my sophomore year of college, it's getting near the time that I should formally decide what to study. The direction I'm going in is English and Communication Arts, with a focus in film. I'm extremely excited to begin this path, even if it will be bumpy. 
  2. Visit a pumpkin patch. The queen bee of fall activities, this one cannot be missed. Nothing compares to the crispness of the air, the crunch of the fallen leaves, and the childhood memories of picking the best pumpkin to take home. Plus, carving them afterwards is a great way to waste time while you're waiting for your Pilsbury pumpkin sugar cookies to bake. 
  3. Stay consistent with my planner. If you read my post from last week, you'll have seen my new planner obsession (ban.do's medium agenda btw). So far I'm doing a great job keeping it organized, but I really hope to stay with it throughout the rest of the year, and next year as well.
  4. Fall in love with makeup again. Because I've been trying to spend less money (read #5), I have not bought makeup in what seems like forever. As an effect of that, I haven't really had the same passion for makeup that I've always had in the past. This fall I'm hoping to change that. Whether it's through letting myself buy a few new things or attempting to rekindle the flame with my existing stash, I hope to love makeup once more. 
  5. Smarter spending. As mentioned above, I'm trying to lower my spending on less needed items (ahem, makeup). Last year I realized how easy it is to spend tons of money when eating out, so the goal of the next few months is to limit the amount of restaurants I go to. In addition to that, I want to save more money for future traveling. 
  6. Plan & cook healthy meals. In conjunction with eating out less, I want to plan out my meals so I know what to buy when grocery shopping, and then actually follow through and cook them. This is something I could do on Sunday, and then I'd be planned out for the rest of the week, and hopefully less stressed.
  7. Throw an amazing Halloween party. One of my best friend's birthdays falls just a couple days before the holiday, which is the perfect setup for a themed party. Costumes, spooky food and drink, and of course, The Monster Mash playing on repeat. I jest. Maybe. 
What do you hope to do this fall?

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