When Your Favorite Product Is Discontinued

July 3, 2016

It nearly broke my heart to hear that my favorite cleanser for the past year and a half, The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Face Wash, is being possibly discontinued. I wrote a review on it a while back when I was just beginning to see how wonderful it is, so naturally I had some minor panic attacks when I went to Ulta to pick up a new one, and couldn't find it anywhere.

I obviously needed something to wash my face with, so I used the first thing I found in my house: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. Although this doesn't do anything magical to your skin, it's great for simple cleansing, and because it's so gentle, my face didn't react harshly to a change in my skincare lineup. I'd recommend using a gentle cleanser no matter what, but especially if you're trying to change over to a different product or formula.

Once I realized that I needed to be using something a little more powerful than Cetaphil, I went back to The Body Shop's Tea Tree line to see what was most similar. I decided on their Foaming Cleanser, which basically has the same properties as my old fave, except that instead of being a cool cream cleanser, it's a regular foam. The price is not much different, and the bottles are about the same size.

After using this guy for a few weeks, I have noticed that my old acne marks are beginning to fade again, which is one of the main reasons I love using tea tree oil products. My face also feels very fresh and clean after using it. However, this cleanser hasn't done as great of a job at preventing spots, which has been slightly frustrating. The last bothersome thing is that because of the different formulas, I don't think the foaming one would be as great in the winter, considering it's much more drying. I don't mind much now, with my skin being extra oily, but I can't see myself loving this come the colder months.

Alas, my attempt at finding something to replace my #1 cleanser love has not been fully successful. I will finish the bottle, but this isn't something I could see myself using and repurchasing year-round. Lastly, if by chance you're having the quandary as me, one cleanser I've loved in the past is the First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser, which is gentle and non-drying.

What's your favorite cleanser?
How do you deal with having a favorite product discontinued?

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  1. I hate when skincare things become discontinued after you and your skin gets used to it!




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