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July 10, 2016


Sofas can be the center of a living space, and offer up an amazing variety of decorating possibilities. I love the welcoming feel of the clean & simple colors.

I'm a huge organization junkie (I believe that's an oxymoron), so I'm obsessed with the look of clean workspaces. The gold details, fresh flowers, and perfect place for everything makes my heart flutter.

Bar carts are a huge trend in home decor, but I think this different take on using a cart to organize miscellaneous materials is ridiculously cute. I could totally imagine this setup right next to the previously mentioned desk, especially with the gold accents.

Monochromatic color schemes have been taking over every aspect of my Pinterest account, but what I really love is neutral shades with one pop of color. Right now that color is baby pink, which makes this bed setup a dream come true.

Exteriors are possibly my current favorite section of Pinterest, because every outdoor area I've seen is just so dreamy. Hanging lights, lush green plants, and lots of mixed woods create wonderful summer vibes that I can't stop thinking about.


As I mentioned, I've totally been falling for monochromatic colors lately, and this comfy yet sophisticated outfit is the epitome of that color scheme. The small touch of the rose gold watch adds a gorgeous professional element and leads me to my next pin...

I showcased a baby blue watch in my May Favorites that I had been getting a ton of wear out of (and still am), but I absolutely love the classic effect of this black one. Especially paired with a simple, neutral outfit, watches are a wonderfully elegant touch.

Again with the monochrome, this outfit makes me want to buy about ten more pairs of overalls. Black denim is much more creative than a typical light wash/blue finish, and looks cool & carefree.

Black & white stripes are a staple in my closet, but black & white striped button-downs are one notch above the rest. Bonus points for creating the laid back look with casually rolled-up sleeves.

I want to take home every pair of heeled booties that I see, including these gorgeous black ones. The mix of black leather and tan wood is stunning, and the peep toe makes these versatile for all seasons.

clip//rose gold//dewy//lips//braid

I've seen a resurgance of hair accessories recently. No, not the butterfly clips of the 90's, but a much more sophisticated kind, much like this gold circle clip. Paired with a crown of braids, the clip is perfectly accentuated.

There have been a ridiculous amount of hair color trends recently, and rose gold is one that quite interests me. Obviously something like that would never work on my hair, but I absolutely love the dimensions and unique finish it gives to these locks.

It's no secret that glowing, dewy skin has been all the rage this spring and summer. This model's highlight is the perfect mix of natural sheen and added shimmer, and with the addition of the glossy shadow, this look is top notch.

Deep berry lips are a constant favorite of mine, and this shade falls right into that category. The combination of the lips, brows, and natural freckled skin is beautiful for any time of year or occasion.

Another hidden braid, this time peeking out from gorgeous, effortless waves. I love the way it's set back, closer to the crown of the head, so some pieces of hair can fall in place to frame the face.

What trends have you been into recently?
Do you obsess over Pinterest like I do?

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