On The Road: The Playlist

July 24, 2016

Music has been and will always be a very important aspect of my life. It amazes me that there is a perfect song to fit my every mood, and believe me, those moods change pretty fast. Accompanying music, literature is something that allows me to live a new life, experience a different time period, even travel the world - all within a few hundred pages.

My brother recently lent me his battered copy of On The Road, something I've been itching to read for a while, and although I've only just begun, it's really given me the travel bug. Road trips seem like such a fun experience to have, especially if you have the perfect soundtrack. As an avid playlist-maker, I decided to embark upon a journey to make the perfect road trip playlist for my (hopefully) future travels and wanderings.

One worry: road trips can be expensive. But hey, it's the 21st century. There are tons of companies and products that aim at making your life easier and more affordable. If you're looking to road trip but can't figure out your car situation, or have a car and need to earn some extra cash, check out Turo, a new car rental company that can help make your road trip dreams come true. And don't forget about your perfect playlist!

My music taste is pretty all over the place. I stem everything from a love of classic rock, the roots of all great music today. I enhance that with a healthy serving of indie and alternative, and finish off with a sprinkling of some pop hits. I combined all of that in this playlist, so it has everything you need for a perfect jam session. Most of these are songs that I love belting out, but a few of them inexplicably have the right vibes for a long car ride to a new destination.

Give it a listen, and let me know what you think!

What does your car trip playlist look like?

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