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June 19, 2016

Last week I mentioned my $10 Walgreens gift card, which prompted me to not only buy a Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lip Color (read post here), but also made me think about my favorite products that are under $10. I'm also seriously trying to save money, and I'd like to help anyone else who is struggling just as much as I am. There are quite a few golden items that I've used throughout the years, and sharing is caring, so here we go.

1) Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Transparent
I haven't used this in some time, mostly because I don't powder that much anymore, but when I did this was my go-to. Using the transparent shade means that it'll mattify your skin, however it won't add any extra color or make your skin tone look funky. This particular powder is also very light, meaning it won't add extra bulk to your face and you will absolutely not look cakey.

In my opinion, these have not gotten as much buzz as they deserve. I've tried tons of pencil liners that I've enjoyed, but these are by far the longest lasting. Most other liners will fade or smudge, especially if used in the waterline/tightline. These bad boys, however, stick around for a good extra few hours after the others give up. There are plenty of colors in the range, and I'm dying to try the purple and blue shades, but Black and Charcoal are great basics.

These are by far the best eye primers I've ever come across. I love the 'leather' shades, especially Creamy Beige, because the matte finish works perfectly as a base for any eyeshadow look. Bad to the Bronze is also another stunner that looks gorgeous on its own, and will literally stay in place for hours on end. I even use Creamy Beige when I'm just wearing eyeliner, because I find that it prolongs the life of the line. These are a savior and a necessity for anyone who likes wearing anything on their lids. 

4) Milani Rose Blushes (full review here)
There aren't many drugstore blushes that I've enjoyed, but I reach for these just as much as my luxury favorites. The pigmentation is so unreal you need to be careful not to apply too much. But, they blend out incredibly well and then last for as long as you need them to. I love these for the summer, because they even outlast my oily skin and the hot sun. The only downside is that the collection only has three shades, and I wish they'd release more. 

5) Maybelline Matte Lipsticks
I have two shades, Touch of Spice (dark nude) and Siren in Scarlet (brick red). They are ridiculously creamy and hydrating, but have a surprisingly matte finish and last for hours without fading. They aren't completely industrial-strength, as they don't always last through eating, but everything else is so fantastic that I don't mind. There's a bit of a limited color selection, but I'm a huge fan of most of the shades in the collection.

6) Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks
I couldn't quite decide what lipstick was my favorite, so I just decided to add both the Maybelline ones and these. I've got 08 (pink nude) and 107 (dark red/berry). The latter is very matte and long lasting, and the shade is perfect for fall and winter. 08 actually has a bit of gloss to it, which I find is flattering for the shade. With this one I have to reapply more often, but as the shade is spot on and the formula is very hydrating, I had to include this line.

If you're looking for new brushes but don't have loads to spend, look no further than Real Techniques. The Powder Brush, Setting Brush, and Blush Brush are three of my favorites, and are all soft and inexpensive. They wash pretty well and keep their shape after lots of use, which is very helpful when you're on a budget. If you're looking to buy new brushes but don't know which to buy, check out a helpful post I wrote a few months ago. 

8) Simple Micellar Cleansing Water (full review here)
I've talked about this about a million and one times, I know, but after over a year it's still one of my holy grail products. Now that my favorite cream cleanser is potentially being discontinued, I'm clinging on to this baby for dear life. Every night I pour a bit onto a cotton pad and run it all over my face, using it to remove my makeup and cleanse my skin. I've noticed the texture of my skin is much better, and I get less of those teeny-tiny pimples that everyone hates. 

9) The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil
I've spoken plenty about my love for the Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil line, this little bottle included. I do have the larger size, which is a tad more pricey, but the smaller bottle is $10 and has significantly helped me to be happier in my own skin. Tea tree oil helps not only to stop breakouts, but also to fade dark spots left by acne. I like using this over a traditional spot treatment because I feel like I'm using something a bit less processed and potentially more natural on my face.

I mentioned this in my Nuts for Coconut post, and it is still one of my absolute favorite products. It's less than $5 and is frequently on sale, but is the best conditioner I've ever tried. It's technically a deep conditioner, but I use it every time I wash my hair, so about twice a week. My hair is soft and shiny, not to mention less frizzy after using this, and the smell (if you love coconut) is absolutely incredible.


Have you tried any of these?
What are your favorite under $10 products? 

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