Maybelline Vivid Matte Lip Color: Very Vivid, Minorly Matte

June 12, 2016

I was recently gifted a $10 Walgreens gift card, which had me all sorts of excited considering I've been trying to hold off on buying makeup as of late. After hours of doing copious amounts of research and making lists on what to buy, I decided to just go, and see what looked interesting. After another hour of wandering the aisles and going back and forth between about 30 products, I settled on the Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lip Color in Possessed Plum.

What first grabbed my attention was the minimalistic yet chic packaging. I love the slim tube - perfect for getting lost in my purse. After my initial attraction, I was slightly disappointed with the lack of a dark berry shade, but spontaneously decided to be daring and went for the darkest tone. Upon further consideration I believe that this would be a better winter shade, but hey, who really cares about that anyways.

I did not moisturize my lips prior to applying this, and was pleasantly surprised that they never felt dry throughout the entire course of wearing the shade. Unfortunately I found that unlike other matte liquid lipsticks, this one faded fairly quickly, especially through eating and drinking. It did leave a stain on the lips, but somewhat settled into lines and looked dry, even if it didn't feel that way. Luckily it layered fairly easily when I went to reapply it, so this is something that would be easy to carry around on a day when you've got time to check your appearance frequently. However if you need something to last through anything, this one's not your friend.

Application-wise, I think this takes a bit getting used to. The sponge applicator is long enough to cover enough space on your lips, but not too long where it gets all over the place. It is pretty necessary to wipe off some of the product before applying it, since the brush loads up quite a lot. In addition, it's probably rather helpful if you've used a lip pencil beforehand to outline the shape of your lips, considering this applicator has a round tip. I didn't have a liner on hand and did my best with just the brush, and it was doable, but not perfect.

My last complaint with this product is the fact that it's really not completely matte when you first apply it. If you use a very thin layer, then you might achieve a matte finish, but applying it normally leaves a slight sheen, and doesn't dry down matte until you've been wearing it for quite a bit. The color is great, albeit much nicer when fully matte, but truthfully is more well-suited for the colder months. I'm still going to try to get away with it for nice dinners and such, and it's the perfect shade for all your grunge-revival needs, but come winter I'll be using it more.

Overall: if you're not willing to dish out an entire paycheck for a Kylie Lip Kit and are willing to take the time to reapply every few hours, look no further than this. If long-lasting is what you crave, look further than this.

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