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January 17, 2016

coconut scented products

I haven't talked about this much before, but I'm a huge fan of coconut. I love the taste and the smell, so I make an effort to use as many coconut scented products as I can. I've tried tons of different ones over the years, and have collected some favorites that deserve recognition.

The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter has been a favorite for a long time, along with The Body Shop Coconut Body Scrub. These are both such luxurious products, especially when combined. I love using the scrub to get off all the dead skin on my arms and legs, then following up with the body butter to make everything incredibly soft and smooth. The scent lingers fairly well, even more so when using the two together.

I've talked about the Mountain Ocean Skin Trip Coconut Lotion a few times before, and even did a full review of it. While it's just a regularly good moisturizer with its non-stickiness and hydrating-ness, I especially love it because it smells like fresh coconuts. I can usually still smell this on my skin hours after I apply it.

Two things I've never talked about are the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo and the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist Conditioner. I've been using the two of these for shampoo and conditioner for close to four years, and they've really never failed me. My curly hair gets very dry and the shampoo helps to lock in moisture, all while smelling like coconut. I'm pretty sure the conditioner is meant to be more of a treatment done every once in a while, but hey, it works to keep the frizz at bay and makes my curls look alright. And surprise, surprise, this one smells like coconut too. Whenever I catch a whiff of my hair on a windy day I absolutely love it.

I'm not a huge fan of body sprays, but the Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion Body Spray mixes coconut and vanilla in a gorgeous way. It's sweet and tropical, perfect for the summer. I find that this doesn't last very long, so keep that in mind if you want something to take you through the whole day.

Another scrub I'm quite fond of is the Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Body Scrub. This particular scent isn't as heavy on the coconut and is a little more fruity, but nevertheless I love how it smells and it's incredible at making my skin smooth, especially in the cold winter months. Plus, it's much cheaper than the Body Shop's scrubs.

One of my all time favorite body washes is the Vitabath Orchid & Coconut Body Wash. For some reason, this scent reminds me of something from my childhood, but for the life of me I cannot figure out what it is. Basically, it's warm and nice and I love it for any time of year. The Vitabath body washes are very moisturizing and have more natural ingredients, so I always feel great using them.

Something new I've been trying is the Yes to Coconut Eye Balm. I really love the idea behind this brand, where each line is named after a fruit or vegetable that represents the overall effect of that group of products, like cooling or hydrating. This one smells so great, but it's not the best eye cream I've ever tried. It provides a little extra moisture, but if you're going for a really hydrating one I'd suggest Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. Still, I'm appreciative of the scent.


Do you like coconut scented products?

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  1. Avon do an amazing coconut scented perfume called Tahitian Holiday and it lasts all day and even the next day, it's really lovely especially for summer! I really recommend it.

    Meme x



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