Nars Have Shocked With Their New Palette

November 9, 2015

Nars Steven Klein Palette

Nars Steven Klein Palette

I, a broke college kid, spent $70 on some makeup the other day. No, I'm not crying. That's just my eyes sweating. I purchased the Nars Steven Klein One Shocking Moment Palette, which is limited edition and exclusive to Sephora. Yeah, this palette is way expensive. But I just love Nars so freaking much, I couldn't help myself. As soon as I heard about it, I knew I had to have it. Ridiculous. I know.

There are 4 blushes in this palette, 2 limited edition, Robotic and Blasphemy, and 2 from the regular collection, Luster and Dolce Vita. Above that the palette has a contour and highlight shade, Paloma, which is the same as their Contour Duo in Paloma. Best of all, this palette has a huge Laguna bronzer.

The packaging on this feels substantial and durable, and I love the cool tones of the picture on the front. Nars made a great use of space with the organization of the palette, and there's a huge mirror that can be very helpful for on the go.

The quality of each shade 100% lives up to Nars' standards. Each blush has loads of pigment, but are easy to blend out if you apply too much. They last a really long time on your face and never look patchy or weird, plus you only need to apply a tiny bit, so this could last you forever.

The bronzer is one of my favorites (along with like, anyone else who's ever tried it), and I love how big of a pan it is. It's the perfect shade to give your face some dimension. I like applying this lightly to my temples, cheeks, and the bridge of my nose. The extra warmth is definitely needed for when my skin gets sickly pale in the winter.

I had never tried the contour/highlight shade before, but after a couple uses I'm really happy with them. The contour shade is fairly dark for me, but it blends down easily and really makes my cheekbones pop, especially with the compliment of the highlight shade. I do wish that the highlight was a little more yellow-toned, but I think the one they used is more universally flattering, and I still like the finish it gives. I use this to set my under-eye concealer, and the areas next to my nose, chin, and forehead. It gives a gorgeous, blurred effect to the skin.

As for the blushes, I really love mixing Blasphemy and Luster. Dolce Vita is a gorgeous berry which is perfect for the fall, and I'm hoping I'll get some use out of Robotic in the spring and summer. These all give such a beautiful flush to the cheeks and I can't wait to continue using them.

Overall I think the Steven Klein 'One Shocking Moment' palette is totally worth the hefty price tag. Regular blush from Nars is $30, bronzer is $40, and contour duos are $42. This combines the best of each, packages it up nicely, and throws in a mirror. It's the perfect travel palette for cheeks.


Would you buy this?


  1. nice product
    new post

  2. This looks and sounds amazing wow - so pretty!

    Lucy |

  3. Looks like an awesome palette! Really wanna try it out x

    Lina /

  4. such a gorgeous palette!! and honestly even though the palette is pricey its an amazing deal for how many shades you get!!
    Amanda | amanda-speroni

  5. I also spent a ridiculous amount at Sephora recently, to the point where I made it to Rouge which haha, I'm not too proud of! I saw that palette and like all Nars palettes, wanted it but I'm not huge on blush and couldn't see myself spending that much money on it. I did previously buy another Nars cheek palette like two years ago and I still have a bunch of it. Sephora is a dangerous, dangerous place.


    COFFEESLAG October Top 5's

  6. Nars Palette is something to die for. You made such a lovely review and I am your new follower on Bloglovin'. Would you like to follow each other?


  7. I am the exact same when it comes to anything NARS or limited edition. They know what they're doing when they label it as 'once it's gone, it's gone' lol. The palette looks so gorgeous though, and you definitely shouldn't regret treating yourself!

    - - My Autumn Matte Make-up Look

  8. Gotta love "sweating" eyes. Haha. When I was a broke college kid I would've never paid $70 for makeup or anything really. I can't recall paying $70 or more for anything but rent, but you have to give it to Nars; their quality is heavenly. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  9. Haha I totally understand being broke yet craving high end makeup! I'm hoping to ask for a few things for Christmas this year, but until then, I'm just gonna have to stick with drugstore ;) Amazing blog post - new reader here, and your posts are already amazing! x

    Emily / Lynde Avenue

  10. Nice palette !



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