The Lotion That Made Me Stop Hating Lotion

October 14, 2015

Mountain Ocean Skin Trip Lotion Review

Now I don't mean to be this person, but I am drowning in my work. Literally. Midterms have really gotten to me, and I've been neglecting my baby (aka this blog - don't worry mom, I'm not going crazy at college). I've found it a little difficult to balance everything, even though I'm trying my very best. On top of that I've had a bit of writer's block/inspiration loss, but I wanted to throw something out there because hey, I'm still here. How are you? I feel like it's been months. Clearly all the exams and essays are making me go a bit delirious.

There's a cute shop near campus called The Soap Opera, and I recently stopped in to get some birthday presents for my mom and sister. While walking through I caught a whiff of the most amazing coconut scent ever, and ended up coming home with the Mountain Ocean Skin Trip Coconut Lotion.

I had never seen this before, but after using it for a couple weeks I. Cannot. Stop. Everything about it is incredible. The texture of the lotion itself is great because it's not overly greasy, so after you apply it you can actually walk around and touch things without feeling slimy. Yet it still provides enough moisture, and I can definitely feel that my skin is soft and smooth after using it. This really helps me out because I find it such a chore to use lotion, but the fact that this feels so nice makes me look forward to putting it on. 

The main reason why I love this, however, is because it smells like you grabbed a coconut off a tree, split it open, and rubbed it on your body. It's that good. I'm a huge fan of coconut scents regardless, but this is the best coconut-flavored product I've ever tried. And I've tried a lot. The scent on this one really sticks around, and my friends can always tell when I'm wearing it (in a good way). 

I didn't really think that I had it in me to dedicate a whole post to a lotion, but thank you Mountain Ocean, you've proved me wrong. A bit random, I know, but if you love coconut, do yourself a favor and try this. 


What's your favorite lotion? 


  1. Sounds amazing. And glad you're not going crazy at college :)

  2. This actually sounds amazing. Coconut scented products are my absolute fave, I wanna try it!

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