L'oreal La Palette Love

August 8, 2015

L'oreal La Palette Nude

I briefly talked about these bad boys in my favorites, but they're too good not to dedicate a whole post to. The L'oreal La Palette Nudes have officially stolen my heart. Each is 10 shades for roughly $20. #1 focuses on warm bronze and gold shades, and #2 leans on the cool purple and gray side. While I love both palettes, I've been using the first more to achieve that golden-bronze eye that looks so nice in the summer. Hopefully I get around to using the second one more when the weather turns cold.

Now I won't say that these are the end-all-be-all of eye shadow. They definitely don't compare to some of my high end palettes, such as Urban Decay, Too Faced, and Lorac, but they're pretty impressive considering some other drugstore options pretty much suck. While they're not the same buttery, luxurious feel as the high end versions, they have similar shade selections and are much more budget friendly.

I find the pigmentation to be just shy of fully opaque, but these do swatch true to how they look in the pan. With a little layering you can achieve gorgeous color payoff. I'm yet to try this, but I'm guessing these would work well if applied with a slightly damp brush for more intensity. That always seems like a cool and interesting way to wear eyeshadow, but honestly I'm just too lazy to give it a go. Anyways, I love how easy it is to blend these out and they hardly have any fallout.

The one weakness of these is that they don't really have the greatest lasting power. I've been using Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Creamy Beige underneath, and that's aided the longevity, but only marginally. I think these work better if you know you're not going to have a long day or night, if that makes sense.

Both palettes also come with a brush. One end is fluffy and can be used to sweep color across the lid as well as works for blending color into the crease. It's not the greatest blending brush, but you can make it work. The other end is the ever so dreaded ovular sponge. Now, in defense of this brush, I think it works rather well at applying color to the brow bone and inner corner for a nice highlight. Just another reason why this palette is a great budget friendly option.

It's a little difficult to explain how I like to wear each shade, as they don't have names. For the sake of this post I'm going to say the first shadow on the left side of each palette is #1, and so on. Looking at the first palette, #1 is a gorgeous highlight for the brow bone and inner corner. #2, #4, and #7 are all stunning on the lid (2 + 4 is amazing as well), #3, #5, #6, and #7 work beautifully as crease colors, and #6, #7, and #8 are perfect for the outer corner. As for the second palette, I don't have as much to say besides the fact that #8 and #9 are amazing for the crease and the outer corner, while #7 rocks for a lid shade.

L'oreal La Palette Nude 1

L'oreal La Palette Nude 2


What's your favorite drugstore shadow?


  1. Great review, and these colours are really pretty! They're not overly pigmented, but have a nice muted effect which I like.

    - www.veebzboo.com

  2. What a thorough review! I bought the Nude 1 palette and I honestly found the palettes to be sub-par and I was super disappointed because this was pricier for a drugstore product. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! xx, adaatude.com



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