Summer 2015 Bucketlist

June 16, 2015

Summer 2015 Bucketlist

Finally, the summer that I've been looking forward to with an impending sense of both excitement and dread is upon us. This is the last summer before I leave for college, a summer of teetering in between two things, the summer of being on the cusp of something (hopefully) great, the summer before a new adventure begins.

With all this in mind, there are tons of things that I hope to accomplish before I pack up and leave at the end of August. I really want to make sure that I never utter the words "I'm bored", and that if I do, I immediately find something to fill my time with. So without further ado, here is this season's bucketlist.
  1. Scope out the best places to eat. If you read my last post, you'll see that I'm kind of a foodie. I love trying anything new and unique, so this summer I'm really looking forward to having the freedom of going to tons of different restaurants and trying new things. 
  2. Drive in movie + diner. This is something that's been on my life bucketlist for ages. My friends and I are going to pile in a car and head over to a nearby drive-in movie theater, and to complete the throwback we're going to eat dinner at an adorable 50's style diner
  3. Wisconsin state fair. Surprisingly I've never been before, considering it's a midwest tradition, but I can't wait to eat a ton of fried food and go on some rides. 
  4. Laser tag. This is a rather odd one, but my friends and I are planning on doing some childish activities before we have to move on and plan our adult lives. We've gone laser tagging a couple times in the past, and it's always so much fun to team up against each other. 
  5. Spend money on experiences, not on items. Yes, I do love buying makeup and clothes. However, I've found that the money spent on something such as a concert seems like less of a waste than it does with material items. I could never completely stop buying new makeup and clothes for myself, but I want to work on budgeting myself and not blowing a ton of money on things that will eventually run out (plus I don't want to be a broke college student...). 
  6. Paint twister. If you don't know what this is, you basically pour a little bit of paint on each color on a twister board and play like normal. I'm excited to wear some crappy clothes, get super messy, and have lots of laughs.
  7. Friend awards. About a month ago I came up with the idea of gathering all my friends and making awards for each other. I thought it would be a fun way to close off our high school years and it would be hilarious to see what everyone says. 
  8. Re-rethink my diet. Last summer I did a really great job of removing some processed foods, sugary snacks, and choices that are high in fat from my diet. Over the rest of the year I gradually lost that, but I'm ready to get back on track now. I feel like a whole new person when I put better things into my body, and I can't wait to be at that point again. 
  9. Read, listen, and watch. As much as I normally do this, I'd like to kick it up a notch this summer. The purpose of this is really to gain as much knowledge as I can outside of school. I do this by reading everything from books to articles to cereal boxes, listening to music, conversations, advice, and watching movies, people, and life. Being perceptive is the way that I can feel myself growing smarter. 
What do you want to do this summer? 


  1. Great bucket-list Cassie! Good luck preparing for college as well, it will be the best years of your life :)
    Lana x

  2. Love your list! I love drive in movies, it's the best date night :)


  3. great post, this is such a cool thing to do! I definitely want to go to a drive in movie and diner, I wouldn't know where one is in London though.


  4. This seems like a pretty spic bucket list!! Update us at the end of the summer!! I would love to see how many of these you completed ( :

  5. LASER TAG! Hell yeah. Also, if you're taking reading suggestions, I highly recommend The Perks of Being a Wallflower. :) Wishing you a great summer!

    Ivana x
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