5 Minutes, 5 Products

May 21, 2015

5 Minutes, 5 Products

Recently I've ditched my heavy eye looks and thick foundations and opted for a more minimalist makeup menu. It may in part be due to my laziness, but I'm not gonna lie -- I love the fresh and simple effect this has. I realize that spring is soon coming to an end, but this combo is something that can carry you from spring into summer. It's super quick and easy, and it only involves 5 products.

Beginning with a clean face, I use the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla on my dark circles, around the sides of my nose, and in any other spot that needs a little bit of coverage, like a pimple or hyperpigmentation. Here's the truth -- you don't need to look like you're wearing a mask, so use it sparingly, and don't be afraid to let your real skin show through. And that's that.

Next, after curling my lashes, I swipe on tons of the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, which does wonders for my lashes. They look volumized, lengthened, and separated, plus there's only a tiny bit of flaking towards the end of the day.

Following that, I take a big fluffy brush and use the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer in Medium/Deep to warm up my complexion. It's pretty dark, but I find that it suits my olive-toned skin and the matte finish makes it look incredibly natural. I like to brush this on the edges of my face/where the sun would hit, paying special attention to the top of my forehead, my temples, and my nose. It's also important to bronze up your neck, so your face doesn't look like a completely different color.

After that, I grab my Milani Rose Powder Blush in Coral Cove (full review here) and dab that on the apples of my cheeks then sweep it towards my temples. This creates a bright glow that's stunning in the warmer months.

To finish up I take the Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Pango Peach and dab it on my lips. This looks amazing layered over orange, peach, or coral lipstick, but it looks gorgeous and sheer on its own as well. It pairs really well with the blush and adds a shimmery touch to the look.

What's your go-to spring look?


  1. I feel like we have such similar tastes. I've been reaching for my new Milani rose blush, Too faced milk chocolate bronzer, and Nars concealer all the time lately. And I'm always always wearing some kind of Revlon lippie--so great and affordable!

    Katherine || The Green Bows

  2. These products sound lovely... such a fuss-free makeup look. I love the look of the Milani rose blush- I've never seen it in England though unfortunately!

    Grace's Beauty Space xo

  3. I love simplicity, I don't really wear much make up, and I even stopped doing the smokey eye just for eyeliner only, this sounds like a great look.

    Meme xx

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    'Magic Is Everywhere'

  4. I also stopped using foundation and started applying concealer only to cover dark circles and little imperfections - it's just so much better for the skin!

    Have an awesome day!
    Anna x
    Pattern Of Taste | Our Youtube channel

  5. That blush is so gorgeous!


  6. Very pretty blush :)


  7. Great post! I love your makeup picks for a minimalist look. I really want to try that blush! You have a really nice blog, I''m following you now on gfc. Checkout my blog and if you like it follow me too. Let's keep in touch! :D


  8. How GORGEOUS are the Milani Rose blushes! NEED!

    Love your picks - I've recently been after a more pared back face. I think it suits me much better.


  9. The Milani blusher is gorgeous! I agree on concealer and tons of mascara but I can't go on with my life without filling in my eyebrows. I've been loving the Bobbi Brown Brow Kit recently, it gives me the perfect defintion <3

    | www.noirettediary.com |

  10. i love looks like this for everyday, better than sex and the nars concealer are two of my must haves for sure!

    danielle | avec danielle

  11. That blush is so pretty :)




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