Tune Tuesday #9

April 14, 2015

Not going to lie, I've had a serious case of senioritis lately. If you don't know what that is, it's essentially the laziness that overcomes seniors in high school. So that's where I am right now. Luckily I've had the comfort of music to get me through this illness. 

I was feeling a little nostalgic the other day and decided to listen to some old Fall Out Boy, and found the song 'Chicago Is So Two Years Ago', which until now had been hiding in the part of my brain where I store embarrassing moments and ex-boyfriends. After listening once I couldn't stop. I remembered how much I loved listening to it when I was younger and thought I was super cool. 

What's your favorite nostalgic music to listen to?


  1. Oooooh my favorite nostalgic music? Paramore. First album. Really really throws me back. I was in middle school when I loved it and it really brought my friends together!

    doitfortheirony.com / Creative blog for the future obsessed.

  2. So many memories. Would love it if you could check out my latest Alexander McQueen fashion post!
    Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love 



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