The Under Eye Smudge

April 19, 2015

Lorac Urban Decay Rimmel L'oreal

I wear a lot of neutrals. One of my favorite ways to incorporate some color into my life is by wearing it on my eyes. There's something about a pop of purple or blue smudged on my lower lash line that I love. It took me a while to perfect my routine, but now that I've got it down I can't stop wearing it. This is actually a great way to wear another one of the spring beauty trends, which is pops of color (check out my version of the lip trend here).

With this look I use a small shader brush from Eco tools (smallest brush from this set), a smidge of eye primer (Lorac Behind the Scenes Primer), an eyeliner in my color of choice, and an eye shadow that has a similar shade to the liner. My liners of choice for this are the Urban Decay Velvet Eyeliner in Plushie, the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Eyeliner in Deep Blue (used in pictures), the Jane Cosmetics Eyeliner in Brown Shimmer (for a neutral option), or the L'oreal Silkissime Eyeliner in Green Ivy. For the matching shadow I tend to use the shades from my Lorac Pro Palette 2 (Plum-Plushie, Navy-Deep Blue, Cocoa-Brown Shimmer, Jade-Green Ivy) because I find that they match up really nicely with the liners, but anything works.

I start by dabbing a tiny bit of primer on my lower lash line, mainly because I think it helps the look hold longer throughout the day. I then take the liner and run it along the lash line and a little on the waterline. This doesn't need to be neat or precise -- the messier the better, in my opinion. The next step is to grab a bit of shadow on the shader brush and run this over the liner, smudging it out. The liner and shadow fuse together and create an intense, beautiful shade. Usually I'll go back and add a bit more shadow and then pop some extra liner in the waterline. I find it best to balance this out with a light neutral shadow on the upper lid and tons of mascara. It's helpful to have a q-tip around in case you need to clean up the edges or any extraneous smudges. As for touching this up during the day, I carry the eyeliner with me and use it to fill in any gaps if I notice it fading.

What's your favorite way to wear pops of color?


  1. I also use this technique. I am not afraid to wear some crazy colors though! haha!

  2. Love this look!! :)<3

  3. I'm all about the neutrals. I love this look on you. Really pretty eyes!

  4. So cute for Summer!

  5. I love how subtle it looks even though there's a pop of color in there :) I like to wear it this way too. Inless it's purple, I go all the way to the lids, woops! X

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