Tune Tuesday #5

February 10, 2015

For today's Tune Tuesday I picked 'Thinking Out Loud' by the one and only Ed Sheeran, in honor of his performance at the Grammy's last night. He did an amazing job singing this song (although I love it even more when his performances are just him and his loop pedal, like he does it at his concerts -- it's so impressive). 
If you haven't listened to this, where have you been?! It's one of the most gorgeous and thoughtful love songs I've ever heard, and the video makes it even more sweet. Ed's voice is so pure and raw, and I love hearing that in this type of a song.

And if you didn't watch the Grammy's, you should check out his performance! Actually, check out any live version of Ed performing. It'll be great no matter what song it is.

What do you like by Ed Sheeran?

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