Tune Tuesday #4

February 3, 2015

Happy February! Today I've got another alternative-ish recommendation, and it comes from Cage the Elephant's album 'Thank You Happy Birthday'. It's called 'Around My Head', and I've really been loving it along with the rest of the album.
I'd listened to some other stuff from Cage before this, but once I found this album I became completely hooked. No joke, I like every single song that I listen to by them. 

Also, I redid my blog layout! Hope there wasn't any confusion, it's still me being weird, just more professional looking. Anyways, enjoy the song and the rest of your Tuesday.

What song have you been obsessed with recently?


  1. While I was listening to this song, I thought of how it really matched your profile picture haha! I guess the album really suits you :D

    Bf Gf Does Blogging

  2. I have been loving Cage the Elephant recently! I have a lot of their songs on my February Playlist.

    xo, Norah



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