The Color Focus: Red

January 25, 2015

Red Lips: Nyx butter gloss, revlon lip butter, maybelline creamy matte lipstick

So I've done a few color focuses recently (check out my nude color focus and my purple color focus), but I've accumulated some great red lip products recently and I'm really happy with my collection. The only one that I could see myself getting in the future is the mother of all matte reds, MAC Ruby Woo. But for now I think I'm good...

Red Lips: Nyx butter gloss, revlon lip butter, maybelline creamy matte lipstick

Maybelline Matte Lipstick in Siren in Scarlet

I am so completely in love with the formula of these lipsticks. They're creamy and hydrating, yet have a matte finish and last for hours and hours. The color is amazing as well, it's one of those classic, perfect reds that would look great with most skin tones. I'm really glad I found this because it was the first red that I felt comfortable wearing, so it helped boost my confidence.

Revlon Matte Lip Balm in Standout

The color of this is stunning, it's darker than a classic red, but it's not as deep as some of the berry/wine shades I have (check out my collection here). These have a similar formula to the Maybelline matte lipsticks, but they're a tiny bit lighter in texture and don't last quite as long (but they still last a good amount of time) because they're a balm instead of a lipstick. Other than that they're just as hydrating and creamy, plus the pigmentation is insane.

L'oreal Color Riche Lipstick in British Red

I'm not a huge fan of the shade of this, solely because I think reds typically look better when they're matte. However I don't let this go to waste because it has a decent formula (very moisturizing and creamy; not quite as long lasting), so I like to layer this with other lipsticks (Maybelline Plum Paradise in particular) or top it off with a matte translucent powder.

Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple

Oh, another lip butter? What a surprise! As you may or may not know, these are my all time favorite lip products and I have way too many. But they're pretty fabulous: they're as hydrating as a balm, can be worn subtly or full-on, are super easy to apply, and are comfortable to wear. This shade is amazing because when I wear a tiny bit dabbed into my lips it looks like I have naturally plump, rosy red lips.

NYX Butter Gloss in Red Velvet

I did say I don't prefer glossy reds, however these next two are the exceptions. These butter glosses are awesome, they're so much more hydrating than any other gloss, they smell so good, plus the pigmentation is great. This is a darker raspberry-ish red that looks great on its own or topped on another color.

Revlon Color Burst Lipgloss in Fire

I don't like the formula of this as much as the previous, but I still think it's good enough to keep. I would probably recommend wearing this over another lipstick because it's not as great in the longevity department, but the color is gorgeous and it's not super drying.

So yeah, I'm pretty happy with my red lipstick collection, but I'm in the market to try a red blush. I've got my eye on this tarte one, but are there any others I should take a look at? Let me know!


  1. love red lipsticks<3

  2. Red Velvet looks gorgeous! Great picks x
    Elise @ Elise Dopson

  3. I really like the look of Candy Apple - It looks like such a pretty shade xx

  4. Great swatches! I love Revlon Candy Apple, you should try out their other darker red lip butter too

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  5. British Red looks great!

  6. All these colours look awesome! I find that on my skin tone, orange-reds are the only ones that suit me. My Favourite is Rimmel's moisture renew lipstick in, 'in love with ginger'



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