Winter 2014 Bucketlist

December 6, 2014

Winter? Wasn't it just summer? I'm in disbelief at the fact that 2014 is almost over. But, as always, I have a list of things I want to accomplish during this season.

  1. Drive around and look at Christmas lights. I don't even celebrate it, but there's something about driving around and seeing all the festivity. I plan on doing this with my friends while listening to holiday music.
  2. Drink more hot chocolate. This was in my fall bucketlist. I just really, really, really love hot chocolate. 
  3. Buy more cozy pajamas and socks. As you'll see in my winter fashion essentials, I have an overload of weird socks and pajama pants. But you can never really have enough of those...
  4. Have my little bit of summer in the midst of winter. I'm going on vacation to someplace warm for my first week off of school. It's gonna be good.
  5. Build a snowman. I feel as though this is a bit ambitious. The snow where I live sucks for building snowmen. But hey, I can try, right? 
  6. Have movie nights. Hot chocolate + pajamas and socks + old Disney movies + an infinite amount of blankets = the best night ever.
  7. Make a gingerbread house. I feel like these never turn out very well, but they taste good, and that's all that matters. 
  8. Secret Santa. There's something about exchanging small gifts with my group of friends that makes me so happy. 
  9. Go ice skating. Again, this might be a bit ambitious. My friends and I were planning on doing it last winter, but we all may or may not have chickened out. Maybe it'll work this year.
  10. Wear an ugly sweater. On the last day before winter break, my school has an ugly sweater day where we all show off our best (or worst, however you look at it) holiday sweater. It's awesome. 
Thanks for reading! What's on your Winter bucketlist?


  1. hi there

    amazing blog post... You have a lovely blog post here :)

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  2. Very nice bucketlist :) Amazing activities and great things to be looking forward to :) Have fun.

  3. I want to make a gingerbread house! That is on my winter bucket list as well

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  4. this is am amazing blog post :D great list

    you have a lovely blog here to :D

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  5. Cute idea to make a bucket list just for the winter season! I would love to do that. I think making a gingerbread house would go straight to the top. It's something I always WANT to do during Christmas-time, but never DO. Haha! Hope you get to make yours this holiday!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva



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