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October 12, 2014

I absolutely love fall fashion because I love layering. So far I've been into flannels (as I mentioned in my fall bucketlist), skater skirts, and boots with tights and socks. Warning: there's a lot of pictures. I just couldn't choose between some because I loved the fall scenery!


Black & White- H&M, similar hereherehere

Green- Macy's, similar hereherehere

Red & Blue- Forever 21, similar hereherehere

Pink & Blue- Target, similar hereherehere

Flannels look great with anything. I love wearing them over tanks and tshirts as a way to transition summer clothes into fall, and they also look great just buttoned up with jeans or leggings. Another fun thing to do is to wear a flannel underneath a plain sweater and have the collar poking out of the neckline.

Skater Skirts

Black Lace- Forever 21

Burgundy- Forever 21

Gray- Forever 21

Flowers- Forever 21, similar hereherehere

For some reason, I just love getting more dressed up during the colder months. I think skater skirts look adorable with my next group, which is tights, boots, and socks. I love mixing and matching patterns and colors, plus your legs can stay warm.

Boots, Socks, & Tights

Combats- Aldo, similar here, here, here
Ruffle Socks- Forever 21

Floral- DSW

Taupe- Target, similar here, here, here

Moto- Asos

Sweater Tights- H&M, similar here, here, here

I couldn't find the black, gray, or burgundy socks I was wearing, so here, here, and here are some of my favorite places to get tall socks. Also, herehere, and here are some similar boots to the tall ones I was wearing with the flannels.

Again, I love mixing and matching the colors and patterns of different socks, tights, boots, and skirts. You can dress up an outfit by wearing heeled boots, or dress it down by wearing combats or motorcycle boots. The possibilities are endless!

Thanks for reading! What's your #1 fall essential?


  1. Those shirts are the best! I also really love your dress! xx


  2. Stylish picks! - would love it of you could check out my latest beauty post xo

    Aliona |

  3. nice looks! cute style :)



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