What No One Told You About Dyeing Your Hair An Unnatural Color

July 18, 2014

Well that's a mouthful.
Here's my hair story: After 17 years of dark brown hair, I decided it was time for a change. The lilac hair trend had been on my mind, so I crafted the idea of doing a purple-ombre type thing. I was pleased with the idea. My mom, on the other hand, was not. However, after begging and pleading she took me to a salon where they bleached the bottom half of my hair and then dyed it purple. This seems like a fairly simple process, yet there have been plenty of bumps along the road. I was previously aware of and expecting some of the problems I've dealt with, but some I wish I had known beforehand. So here is a compilation of all the things I have experienced from dyeing my hair...

If you have dark hair, you'll probably have to bleach it, which will damage your hair. I researched ways to avoid using it, but everything I found came back to bleach. In order to make the color of the dye show up, the hair first needs to be lightened by the bleach. I know there's lots of ways to help your hair stay healthy while it's bleached, but even with leave in conditioners and hair masks, the bleach will still have altered the texture of your hair.

Dark hair does not take very well to bleach. When I made the appointment to bleach and dye my hair, the salon told me they'd need about an hour and a half. I ended up at the salon for about 5 hours, if I remember correctly. Because my hair is so dark, it took a lot of bleach to lighten it. And even with the amount of time they spent on it, some of the sections didn't lighten all the way, which probably contributed even more to some of the other problems I've had. 

The color will fade. With colors like purple, pink, blue, etc. (unnatural hair colors), they wash out of your hair after a few washes..so that's definitely something to keep in mind. Having curly hair, I wash my hair every few days, so because of that I was able to prolong the life of the dye, but I still had to redye it every few weeks. A lot of people have pastel purple, blue, or pink hair, which looks amazing, but probably rinses out after a couple washes. Originally I wanted light purple, and the salon told me that if I started off with a dark purple it would eventually fade into a light purple (which it didn't, keep reading), and then the color would last longer. I actually ended up liking the darker purple better, but that doesn't change the fact that I have to re-dye my hair every few weeks. 

You can see how the color faded a bit in this picture, and you can see it a bit more in this post.

The color may fade into a different color. Now this is probably the weirdest thing I experienced during this whole process. The first "round", which was the salon round, started out really great, but after a couple washes the purple started turning into a bright blue...I'm still not really sure how that happened. Once I started dyeing it purple on my own, it didn't fade into as bright of a blue, but it definitely had a blueish-tint as it faded. Eventually, the color will fade away completely and you'll be left with a blonde-ish/white-ish bleach color. 

The color will not only fade, it may fade unevenly. Each time I would wash my hair, some chunks would stay a darker purple, some would be a lighter purple, some would turn a lightish blue, etc. This actually ended up being kind of cool (in my opinion), but if you wouldn't want something like that, it's another thing to keep in mind. Now this may have been the way I wash my hair, but I don't really see how it can be avoided..so yeah. 

Redyeing it can get expensive. This is the main reason I decided to start doing it myself and stop going to the salon. I use two bottles of the Ion Color Brights dye in Purple. It's about $6, which is much better than a salon price. Although this is cheaper, it can still add up if you're thinking about doing this for a longer time period. 

This was taken the night I first got it done, and it was a more pink toned purple. It wasn't quite as pink as it looks in the picture, but it did still have a pink tint in the purple. 
This was about a week after I got it done, and obviously here you can see the actual purple with a pink undertone.
You can see more of what it looked like a week after I got it done here.

This was after I started doing it myself, and it's more of a blue-toned purple.
You can see more of what it looked like once I started doing it myself here or here.

Aside from all of these things, I absolutely love having my hair this way. I know a lot of this list seems negative, but I think if you really, really want to do it, go for it! I just think it's important to be fully aware of all the things you might run into if you do this.

Thanks for reading! Would you dye your hair an unnatural color?


  1. This is the reason why I am so hesitant to dye my hair lilac! :-s

  2. I would never be brave enough to do whole section of hair, I always do a strand :)

    xx Gloria

  3. Hi! For some reason your commenting section is being really weird! Anywho, your ombre looks flawless! I also want to get ombre, but i have dark brown hair like you! I want golden brown though, do you think i will have the same troubles with redying and whatnot?

    Lets keep in touch and follow each other on bloglovin! I always follow back!

    Love from Canada,
    Marie from www.ElleCharie.com

    1. I think you'd be fine, because golden brown would probably be a permanent dye that would last longer, whereas purple is temporary :) I'm already following your blog, I love it!

  4. I dip-dyed my hair purple last summer, it took a lot of bleach, and was a nightmare to get back to a natural colour! Your hair looks amazing though, love it!

    - ellabellemin

  5. Very interesting (and informative) post !

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World



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