Review: Almay Intense i-Color Liner

June 22, 2014

Recently I decided that I needed a purple eyeliner, so I gave the Almay Intense i-Color Liner in purple amethyst a shot.
Before this I had never tried makeup from Almay, but I love their makeup remover pads so I thought this would be worth it- and I absolutely love it. For starters, the color is amazing. It's a gorgeous blue-purple which I find suits my dark brown eyes really well. It's actually extremely wearable- at first I thought it would be hard to match with other things, but I've found that it goes really well with everything and is super easy to pull off.

The pencil itself is soft enough where it doesn't tug at your eye, but firm enough where it doesn't crumble when you try to use it. 

With a primer this lasted a good amount of time on my upper lids, but I especially love wearing this on the lower waterline for an interesting pop of color. It's subtle enough where I don't feel too out of my comfort zone, but it's daring enough where I feel like I've spiced up my look a bit. Overall I really recommend this to anyone who wants to change up their look slightly, but doesn't want something too over the top. 

Thanks for reading! Would you try purple liner?


  1. I've been loving purple eyeliner too! Mine is a regular pencil from Sonia Kashuk so I want to try a retractable one like this. Great post and I love your blog as always (:

  2. Really like this post,it’s very beautiful and lovely.
    You have an amazing blog!
    would you mind checking out my blog,and following if you like?
    Keep in touch xoxo

  3. Lovely post, haven't tried anything from this brand before. Just found your blog!

    Come and visit?


  4. I don't think I'd ever be brave enough to wear purple eyeliner, I bet it looks gorgeous on though!

    The Beauty Scrapbook

  5. I'd love to try purple eyeliner, I've never really stepped out of black/brown shades (gets a bit boring!). I've heard it goes great with brown/hazel eyes. x

    Angela | The Sunday Chapter

  6. I really want to try a purple eyeliner!

    Hannah x



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